Let's talk about your project

The first step before starting to code is to understand what are exactly your needs. That's why we will just start to talk about your project and the different goals you would like to achieve.

Then, we will determine the best way to create your own website. Using a CMS? Coding from scratch? Everything is possible.

Coding from scratch Wordpress Prestashop

After talking, it's time for coding

A cup of coffee, and here we go, your website is suddenly starting to exist. Brick by brick, we will do our best to create a nice and safe place for your activity on the Internet.

Of course, we will be taking your feedbacks all along, to be as close to what you want as possible.

Hello World!

As soon as your website is finished and fully tested, it will be published to the entire universe. But our journey is not over yet.

We will work on SEO. It is essential to work on this aspect, if you want your website to get to the top of Google pages.

If your activity requires a presence on social medias, we would be glad to help you creating or improving your presence on social medias.

And obviously, you get a 6-mounth full follow-up with our entire team on all those points.

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