Hi! I'm Louis, a 21 years old french IT student and tech enthusiast.

I am a huge fan of web and mobile app developement, with a crush on products. You can find my projects on my GitHub, but most of my work is either private or in developement. Don't hesitate to follow me on GitHub to keep updated on those projects releases.

Apart from tech and code, I am a huge fan of music (Owl City, Jon Bellion, Madeon, Porter Robinson, Coldplay, Pandrezz and many more) and a TV show nerd (Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, For All Mankind, Hannibal, Altered Carbon and much more - go check TV Show Time!).

I also listen to a lot of podcast, mostly tech related (The Vergecast, The Waveform, Lew Later). I also listen to a few french criminal investigation (Les voix du crime, L'heure du crime), and some lifestyle (Floodcast, 1h avant la rupture, Sous influence).

My mentors are Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Chris Martin and Tim Cook.