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Louis 'LYRO' Dupont

Hi, I am
Louis LYRO Dupont

I am a 19 years old IT student at EPITA, and a huge fan of new technology, development and programming in all its aspects. I create websites since 2009, when I was 11 years old, trying to create a little network on my PC that was not connected to Internet. I began with basic websites in HTML and CSS, with awful colors and strange designs. But I learned over time how to create ergonomic and accessible websites.

As soon as I posted my websites on internet for the first time, I wanted visitors to be able to have an account, to post and share content. That's why I learned PHP, with MySQL, to manage databases and client/server transfers. I also learned about data encryption and protection, to ensure the safety and security of data transfers. Proficiency in those languages allowed me to start creating the websites that I wanted.

But when I finalized some of these, I wondered "How can I add those nice effects some other websites provide, with animations and all those things ?". The answer was Javascript. I didn't have any idea of how complete the language was, with all the library it has. It allows for the creation of pretty nice effects to enhance the global design of a website. That is the reason why I learned this language using the library jQuery.

After these years of web development, I wanted to try something new. I discovered software development, and game development more specifically, with Unity Engine. I learned a lot of C#, which is one of my favourite languages. I also learned Python at school. Along with two friends, I started to work on a project called Vroom Boom, the final project of our first academic year. That proved very rewarding, and I learned a lot in team work and time management. This was my first real team work experience, and I absolutely enjoyed it.

I am currently still at EPITA pursuing studies aiming at engineering degree, but I am chasing two-month or shorter internship opportunities in IT companies with a focus on software or website development. My résumé is available right here, don't hesitate to check it out. I am looking for professional experiences to deepen my IT skills and develop my capabilities. I am curious and serious, but also independent and proactive.

Louis 'LYRO' Dupont

I master some of the most important technologies of the web

The 5 Classics. Basics but essentials.

Wordpress. Easier than ever.

ASP.NET. Complete and performing.

Here are some of my realisations I am proud of

And maybe yours?

I think Internet is a wonderfull place, where people from all around the world can exchange and learn from each other. That is one of the main reason I am very involved into various web communities, mainly related to programming, to learn and help other persons who love the same stuff as I do.







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