Hi, I am Louis LYRO Dupont

I am a 19 years old IT student at EPITA, and a huge fan of new technology, developement and programmation in all its faces. I create website since 2009, when I was 11 years old, trying to create a little network on my PC that was not connected to Internet. I began with basic websites in HTML and CSS, with awfull colors and strange designs. But I learned over time how to create ergonomic and accessible websites.

As soon as I posted my websites on internet for the first time, I wanted visitors to be able to have an account, to post and share content. That's why I learned PHP, with MySQL, to manage databases and client/server transfers. I also learned about data encryption and protection, to be sure that those data transfers will be safe and secured. With the mastery of those languages, I was able to create for the first time the websites that I wanted.

But when I finished some of them, I was wondering "How can I add those nice effects some other websites provide, with animations and all those things ?". The answer was Javascript. I didn't have any idea of how complete the language was, with all the library it have. It allows to create pretty nice effects to enhance a website global design. That is the reason why I learned this language, with the library jQuery.

After those years of web development, I wanted to try something new. I discovered software developement, and game developement more specifically, with Unity Engine. I learned a lot of C#, which is one of my favourite languages, and also Python at school. With two friends, we started to work on a project called Vroom Boom, which was our final project in our first school year. That was very rewarding, I learned a lot in team work and time management. This was my first real team work experience, and I absolutely loved it.

I am currently still at school following my engineering degree, but I am searching for at most two mounth internships in companies related to software or website developement. My résumé is available right here, don't hesitate to check it out. I am searching for experiences that could improve my current knowledge and teach my new things. I am curious and serious, but also independant and very open minded. Don't hesitate to contact me !

Louis 'LYRO' Dupont

I master some of the most important technologies of the web

HTML and CSS are, since the beginning of internet, the two language that every website must use. They constitute the basis of every website, and you must be sure that those languages are perfectly known. With more than 8 years of practice now, I am comfortable with them, since I nearly know by heart. My websites are verified with the W3C Validator, which guarantee a good usage of HTML and CSS.

Javascript is one of the most used language on the web, since it provides many tools that help for visual effects and global design enhancement. Javascript will allow us to go further in your design, and to link as close as you want your website with your brand visual identity. My Javascript code is always verified with JS Lint, a website that guarantee a strict verification of code and its writing rules.

PHP and MySQL are surely one of the best couple to handle user actions, such as user accounts, databases management and data analysis. Related with data encryption, they guarantee a secured gestion of your data, whether you want to deploy a e-commerce website or a social plateform on which users will be able to post and send messages. My PHP code is verified with the PHP Code Checker.

Here are some of my realisations I am proud of

And maybe yours?

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